Over the past 30 some-odd years of collecting fossil sharks teeth (megalodon) in Lowcountry rivers, only a handful of these teeth out of the literally thousands upon thousands found, have legitimately measured seven inches or more. Several megalodon teeth might have been seven inches if they had been complete when found, and most of these have been expertly repaired so that they now do measure over seven inches. This is the case with most of the seven inch teeth that occasionally appear on the market for sale. Mark knew of only four megalodon sharks teeth that measured over seven inches when found until he had his lucky day!

Mark found his “over seven-incher” on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 while scuba diving for fossils in a low country river in the ACE River Basin, Colleton County, South Carolina. The actual measurement of this amazing shark tooth is 7 3/32 inches, just shy of 7 1/8. This megalodon tooth had only a few minor imperfections; it required no restoration!

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