Our massive online inventory of megalodon teeth, angustidens, auriculatus, benedeni, mako, tiger, and great white sharks’ teeth is unparalleled in its depth and is updated on a regular basis with new, top-quality specimens. Whether you need a shark tooth to augment a private collection, or for scientific study, or for any other reason, Lowcountry Geologic can supply nearly any species of fossil shark tooth to meet your needs.
Lowcountry Geologic also carries trilobites, dinosaur fossils, plant fossils, agatized coral, land and marine mammal fossils, fossil shells, fossil crabs, ammonites, eurypterids, crinoids, fossil fish, fossil insects, fossils for jewelry, and even many different types of gems and minerals including spheres and stone carvings.

Though our online fossil inventory is extensive, there is no possible way we can display everything from our immense inventory. Please contact us if you cannot find what you need, and chances are that we have the fossil in stock or we can acquire it for you from our worldwide fossil network.

Lowcountry Geologic was started up on a shoestring in 1992, literally a lifelong dream of Mark Havenstein’s. He had been introduced to fossil hunting as a child by his father when they lived in Spain. Mark found his first Megalodon on the beach in Rota and has kept it to this day. As luck would have it, his father was stationed at Naval Base Charleston in the 70’s. Mark soon discovered that in the Lowcountry around Charleston, SC fossil shark teeth were all around him. Anywhere a pond or a ditch was being dug, he would look for fossils. Mark received a BS degree in Geology from the College of Charleston and entered the field of “commercial paleontology.” Mark has been able to turn the love of fossil hunting from an avocation into a successful business that is over 25 years strong and still growing.